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Past Headliners... enjoy!

(please let me know if this is a better setup! thanks ...kat)

Happy Easter Everyone!

There has been a lot of updates! GO HERE to see what's new!

Remember to vote for Hanson on TRL tomorrow!
Let's get them back on the countdown!!

Please check updates for latest information...

Weeeeee!! Hanson (finally) returned to TRL today at #7!!
Good work fans! Keep voting y'all!

Hey I added some Message Boards...there's not much in
them now so plese go post! I know this site is new and
not many people have heard of it yet...but hopefully
soon there'll be more people in there to chat!

More Hanson links have been added! Please check 'em out-

Latest news updated today!

Kat, laughing hysterically, well- if you have been to
my guestbook in the past would notice a sudden
'growth spirt', i would just like to appologize right
now if any of you have been offended by it, and NO, it's
not me doing this... i know it's crazy- if you haven't
checked it out please do and feel free to sign! thanks, kat

2 more pages (30 pics) of NEW PICTURES were added to
the latest pictures section!!! please go check them out!!

I added more magazine pictures today!

BILLBOARD: "This Time Around" has debuted at more

Hanson wasn't on TRL AGAIN yesterday!! PLEASE VOTE!

16 *NEW* articles/interviews were added!!

HANSON wasn't on TRL today y'all! VOTE!!!

I got my IF ONLY single today!! Weeee!!
GO HERE for info and places to order the single!!!
(NO, they're not on backorder...yet!)

Hanson was #8 today on TRL! Keep it up!

More lyrics from TTA have been added! GO HERE to view!

Hanson was #8 Today on TRL...PLESE keep voting!

HANSON was #6 today on TRL! Good work fans!

--> I'll be away for the next day or two cause i'm
going to go to a concert in Detroit, but I'll
be updating more as soon as i get back!


Be sure to go pick one (or two...or three...) up!
At Sam Goody they're $1.99! I bought 3!
Come on y'all!!

here's a peek

GO HERE to see pics from Request Magazine,
Teen People, and many others recently released!

HANSON was #5 today on TRL!!! Good Work!!! Keep voting!!

--> Web-Page Contest more

I'm sorry!! I think many were misled to believe that Hanson
were going to be HOSTING TRL, because of the letter on the
Hanson site...I, too, was confused on that also...unfortunatley
we were all wrong! They were only making an appearance...ugh!

That's okay...Don't forget the listening party and chat tonight!!

Don't forget!!

HANSON'S hosting TRL tomorrow and there's also the
listening party @ 8pm (est)!!!

Lyrics to Can't Stop, If Only and This Time Around are now posted!

Be sure to check out latest new for all of the
HANSON updates!! There's a lot going on!

Y'all need to vote vote vote!!!!! (on TRL)

Tips on multiple voting submissions....

My First Award! Thanks to Simply MOE :)

Hanson back in Magazines!!

TRL --> Hanson is back! They're going to be a guest on TRL
31.March.00 to talk about the new album and upcoming chat!

I recieved MOE #7 Today!! Weee!
GO HERE to see the pics!

Maria Meets Hanson!


TRL NEWS: HANSON was #8 Yesterday!! Good work Fans!!!
Now, a bigger challenge, #1!! C'mon!! You can do it!!

Happy 17th Taylor!!

Hanson Wasn't on the coutdown today!!! C'mon you guys!!! VOTE!!
**INFO** If you're going to vote you CAN do multiple votes
IF you change your name and state!!
(click link above...)

GO HERE to hear "IF ONLY" live!
Now Available! Along with MTV News 1515!

GO HERE to hear ALL the songs
from HANSON'S NEW CD: This Time Around!!

Hey! Welcome to my "new" Hanson page. This is a new version
of a page I had for the past 2.5 years that I was getting
tired of. PLEASE be patient with me while I get things up and
running...and please remember this site is ALWAYS under
construction. I have TONS of info and thousands of pictures
for you all!! All the info on their CD set to release on
May 9 2000, along with some audio clips!!! Please Keep checking
in!! I'm working like mad on this site right now, so expect
major results soon!! thanks! :) kat ~ kK®

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