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Audio / Video Files:

A Full length RealPlayer version on the latest Hanson video,
This Time Around is now available!

You will need RealPlayer to listen to these clips:

MTV News 1515
IF ONLY Live! from @MTV

This Time Around...Buy it May 9, 2000

1. You Never Know
2. If Only
3. This Time Around
4. Runaway Run (FULL VERSION)
- Runaway Run (CLIP - clearer)
5. Save Me
6. Dying To Be Alive
7. Can't Stop
8. I Wish That I Was There
9. Love Song
10. Sure About It
11. Hand In Hand
12. In The City
13. A Song To Sing

To download the full version of This Time Around, please go here.


Save Me
Hand in Hand
A Song to Sing
I Wish That I Was There

more on the way VERY soon!


- "Making" of This Time Around (from Hansonline)
- This Time Around Video (FULL-LENGTH)

You Will Need an MP3 Player to Hear These Next Clips:

- Accent
- Blah blah blah blah blah
- Kissing
- Will Smith's dramatic reading of MMMBOP

More on the way shortly!