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If you have any current information, please help me out by
e.mailing me! I really appreciate it! thanks! ...kat

Weeeeeeee!! I just found out that my friend Maria and aI are going to fly to Atlanta from Micha to see Hanson!! We're hoping the Macy's thing will work out okay and we'll.... *gasp* meet HANSON!! finally...i NEVER thought the day would come!! See y'all there!

I guess romour has it that MOE #9 OFFICIALLY STATES that it WILL BE discontinued after MOE Issue #12... please keep signing the petitions y'all!! We want out MOE IN THE MAIL! After Issue #12 MOE will ONLY be available to members (not to be *rude* but i think that's crap) and will only be available ONLINE. more mags!!! Aww, man!

Hanson was #1 on Snick House this week!! Keep voting y'all!

You can rate the TTA album at and let everyone know what you think! Head on over and give Hanson some nice reviews :)

There's another poll going on at that asks you if you're going to see Hanson in concert this summer/fall. Click the menu down and go the "Quick Question" -I guess they're not doing to decent right now... might want to go click a *few* times ;-)

For unknown reasons they didn't show the Hanson interview that was oreviously taped. I think they might be showing on an upcoming show so keep an eye out!


¤ Want to join a band? ¤
Hello! I'm Jhoanne (14/f/Philadelphia,PA). If you are interested in making a musical band, click My Band . For more information, just click on the link! Thanks!

¤ Chart Watch ¤
"This Time Around" (Album) rose to #133 this week on the Billboard Charts. This is very cool- we’re hoping TRL had something to do with it so keep voting :)

¤ GOLD ¤
RIAA has stated that This Time Around (the single AND the album) have both been certified Gold (sold over 500,000 copies)! Let’s get them to platinum now!

¤ Admiral Twin ¤
Admiral Twin has confirmed on their site this week that they will be opening for Hanson for selected shows on their tour. Dates and cities have not yet been confirmed but will be soon. It’s rumoured that they will be a part of the first half of the tour! Keep checking their site for more information!