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Win the Kat.Kadec.Site.of.Excellence Award!!

--> do you think you have a site that is above all of the rest? once that knocks people out of their chairs when it loads? if you think you can handle it, e.mail me and let me be the judge! if i think your page is one of the best out there, i'll give you an awesome award that you can put in your trophy case, and an honorary link on a special page on my site. People love to win awards, and i love to give them...if i think your site deserves it! take the ultimate test...

To Enter: --> if you decided to give this a try, send me and e.mail with

--> your name
--> site URL & title of your site
--> your age
--> how long you've been in buisness
--> and a small description of why you think you should get the award and a summary of what it's all about (ex. fan-fic, regular fan site...or if it has some re-occuring theme)

all set? aight, send kat kadec your request! Thanks!

Sites That Have Won My Award:

Hanson 2K Dot Com

kadecsterKAT® '00