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The Rosie O'Donell Show

Rosie: How are ya?

Zac: Fine!

Rosie: Good to see ya. You guys, can I say something?

Isaac and Taylor: Sure.

Rosie: You're awful cute!

Isaac: Aw, thanks.

Taylor and Zac: Thank you.

Rosie: Your welcome. You're like a T.V. series waiting to happen.

Isaac: Thanks.

Zac: Hey thanks man!!

Rosie: Now you're Zachary?

Zac: Yes.

Rosie: You're......

Taylor: Taylor.

Isaac: Isaac.

Rosie: You're three brothers. . .

All: Yes.

Rosie: Where did you grow up?

Zac: We grew up in Oklahoma.

Taylor: Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Isaac: Tulsa.

Zac: Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Rosie: And did you ever watch the Partridge Family?

Isaac: No.

Zac: Not really.

Taylor: Once. . . a few times.

Isaac: Reruns, we're kinda a little young.

Rosie: Yeah, you were young. Okay, don't rub it in. Thanks. Um, now you were. . .you just decided to pick up the music on your own, or did your parents encourage you?

Zac: Are parents and musical and ya know, it just ended up in the genes, so we did it too. . . I don't know why but. . .

Taylor: It just happened all the sudden we just thought . . .

Zac: We were just there, kinda. . .

Taylor: Ya know, we just love the music so. . .

Rosie: You write the music too?

All: Yes.

Isaac: That song {MMMBop} was one that we wrote. There are four songs on the album that we wrote ourselves and the rest we co-wrote with other people.

Rosie: Excellent. Now how old are you?

Zac: 11

Rosie: 11

Taylor: 14

Rosie: 14

Isaac: 16

Rosie: 16. And are you gonna do a tour?

Taylor: Probably this fall. Gonna wait to see how the record goes, so. .

Rosie: Yeah, well I said I would go see you in concert.

Isaac: Well, thank you.

Taylor: Awesome.

Zac: Thank you.

Rosie: Cause you're just adorable.

Isaac: Well, hey, we'll have a back stage pass reserved for you, definately.

Rosie: Excuse me?

Isaac: Back stage pass reserved for you.

Rosie: You will?

Isaac: Yeah, absolutely.

Rosie: Well, I am there. I'm not kidding.

Taylor: Awesome.

Rosie: Because I think ABC is gonna me calling you going 'we got that Full House spot open'.

Isaac: Yeah.

Rosie: They're three brothers and they're in a band! And look at the cute. . .They're so cutie patootie. Hanson is the name of the CD. I know you're gonna here a lot from them. Thank you.

All: Thank you.