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Jenny McCarthy Show

ZAC: Hello, we're Hanson.

JENNY: Its great to have a band on that's still ticklish!

ISAAC: About five years ago was the first performance, we did a local festival called Mayfest and we were doing just a capella stuff at the time, three part harmony type thing. and three years after that we picked up instruments and started playing, you know...drums...

TAYLOR: Keyboards.

ISAAC: Drums, guitar, keyboard.

GUY: How old are you?

ZAC: Ike, you first.

ISAAC: I'm 16.

ZAC: Tay?


ZAC: I'm 11.

JENNY: Barney's way past your age, right?

ISAAC: No, Barney is like...

TAYLOR: We'd like to shoot Barney.

ISAAC: We'd like to shoot Barney...beat him up.

TAYLOR: Um, yeah, we're gonna do a song called "MMMBop" and its about holding on to the people who really matter. Its a....

ISAAC: Its about relationships, in this life, only one or two will last.

ZAC: Okay, man! We love you people!