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Today Show (Early 97)

KATIE: A new rock group called Hanson is making teenage hearts beat a little faster these days. Three brothers from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Isaac, Zac, and Taylor are here...


ZAC: Hi...howdy!

KATIE: They're part of the group Hanson. Their album, Middle of Nowhere, features the hit single, MMMBop, which is sky-rocketing up the charts. Nice to meet you all.

TAYLOR: Great to be here.

ISAAC: Nice to be here.

KATIE: (pointing to each one) Isaac, Zac, and Taylor?


KATIE: Yes! I got it! So tell me how you guys got started.

ISAAC: Well, we started five years ago singing a capella, then three years after...after singing a capella for three years we then picked up instruments, drums, guitar, piano...

KATIE: You were just kind of goofing around and you realized that you could harmonize together?

TAYLOR: It was very much a part of us, our parents are both musical so we got it from them in a major way.

ISAAC: Yeah.

KATIE: And you all travelled together growing up...

ISAAC: Yeah.

KATIE: Isn't that right?

ISAAC: We lived in Ecuador, Venezuela, and Trinidad over the period of a year.

KATIE: And your parents would play this time-life anthology of music, right? 1957 and 1969?

ISAAC: Something like that, yeah, it was a tape from 1958. It had songs like "Johnny B. Goode", "Splish Splash", "Rockin' Robin" and...

TAYLOR: The original rock and roll.

KATIE: Yeah.

ISAAC: We listened to that a lot.

KATIE: Did that have a big influence on your music?

ISAAC: Yeah, I definitely think it did.

ZAC: Yeah...definitely!


KATIE: Alright, so you're gonna sing MMMBop for us this morning?

ALL: Yeah.

KATIE: Ladies and gentlemen, the Hansons!