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Fox After Breakfast Transcript

Fox lady: We’re going to try to do an interview with the group Hanson. There is a huge amount of people out here, guys.

Fox guy: And can you believe that?

Fox lady: I know...

Fox guy: Look at you smiling, show off those braces, man, show ‘em!

Fox lady: alright, now, Isaac, I got to ask you, can you believe the kind of turnout you guys are getting?

Isaac: Absolutely not. You never expect this kind of thing, its not healthy to expect this kind of thing, so you know we’re just happy to get the opportunity to perform for not even half this many people, just people.

Fox lady: Wow. I have to ask you, since you’re so young, how old were you when you got started?

Zac: Uh, I was 6.

Taylor: It was 6 years ago. It was 6, 9 and 11, I think.

Fox guy: So this is not your first album? Everyone thinks this is your first hit. This is your third album? So where are they going to buy the other albums at?

Taylor: The other albums are just independent. They’re out of the loop, basically now. We may release them later on, but they’re kind of just our independent stuff.

Fox guy: So you’re gonna keep them independent?

Taylor: We’ll keep it independent and if we want to release it later, then we’ll talk about that.

Fox lady: That's right, keep that money in the family, right? Now you’ve written over a hundred songs already?

Isaac: Yeah, thats very true, yeah.

Fox guy: Who wrote the songs?

Zac: We did.

Taylor: The three of us.

Zac: These people.

Fox guy: Zac, how many songs did you write yourself, Zac, since 6 years old?

Zac: Uh, I don’t know. We don’t know exact numbers, but we’va all written basically all the songs.

Fox guy: And there are three more Hansons? So when they get of age, you’re gonna be Hanson squared?

Zac: Uuuuuuh, I don’t know.

Fox guy: You don’t know?

Taylor: Who knows, I never know.

Fox guy: You never know they might be actors...

Zac: It's kinda up to them.

Fox guy: Oh, okay.

Fox lady: Is it true that you are so young that some of the places where you performed, you aren’t even allowed to go in?

Isaac: Oh well, the story behind that one is, we performed at a local bar called the Blue Rose Cafe, and we performed outside because its a bar and we’re too young. So basically, well half the restaurant is basically outside on a patio, so we performed for the patio and got the rest of the people, the people around at the other restaurants came because its a very popular area. So we got actually a bigger turnout than we would have if we had performed inside, so...

Fox guy: So now when you practice, okay when you practice, you have to practice a lot but when you have this...where are you practicing now?

Zac: We are practicing at our house.

Taylor: A secret place.

Fox lady: A secret location?

Fox guy: Where’s the house at? Isaac: Our house is you know, in Tulsa Oklahoma. Well, we don’t always practice there, we practice in other places...

Zac: Well, when we practice we practice at practice halls when we practice here in New York, or LA and places like that.

Taylor: No, we just bring our garage everywhere we go, you know, send it on a plane, eeerrrr...

Fox lady: And you guys are really influenced by singers from the 50’s and 60’s. Isn’t that right? Isn’t that how you got singing in the first place?

Isaac: Yeah, the first stuff that we really listened to was, you know, 50’s and 60’s rock and roll. Chuck Berry, Johnny Taylor, Otis Redding, people like that.

Fox lady: That's great taste, I think its beautiful!

Fox guy: You said you started listening to it when you were in Trinidad, now didn’t you get into the rostifarian music, that kind of stuff?

Isaac: You know, thats a funny thing, we really just...there wasn’t a whole lot of radio that we listened to. It was, you know, its definitely a large influence over there. I guess we just never totally grabbed know there are some cool things, I guess the ah...

Zac: Steel drums.

Isaac: Steel drums were invented there and all that stuff, so we did actually get to see, or our parents got to see an orchestra made completely out of steel drums, so it was pretty incredible, yeah.

Fox guy: Otis Redding?

Isaac: Otis Redding.

Taylor: Yeah.

Fox guy: So are you going to redo that song?

Isaac: Oh, you know, you never know.

Fox guy: Beat it up a little bit?

Zac: Who knows, I’d hate to try, and ruin it.

Isaac: Yeah, its a good thing so, you know, I think...

Zac: I think I’m just gonna leave it, you know.

Fox lady: Well, we’re not gonna leave you, because coming up we’re going to have a curb side performance by Hanson!