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VH1 Transcript

VH1: Once you've heard Hanson's infectious new single, "MMMBop", you'll have a hard time getting it out of your head. What may be harder, though, is believing that the three brothers that make up Hanson are just kids. The oldest maxing out at 16, the youngest, 11.

ZAC: Somebody's bigger sister said, "will you go out with my little sister?" and I was like, "I don't go out with people yet." I said, "I'm not gonna get married in the next 5 or 6 years." And she goes, "you could!"

VH1: You're 11?

ZAC: Yeah.

VH1: Yeah, you might want to wait 5 years before you settle down.

ISAAC: Yeah.

VH1: Do people question if you write the songs?

ISAAC: People, know there's lots of...

TAYLOR: You're going to get see that two, three kids that are hardly...the oldest one is the only one who can even drive. I would expect that too, but this is what we do, this is who we are.

VH1: The fun-loving brothers realize the importance of keeping it in the family. Their bubble-gum, sound has been compared to other family acts like the Jackson 5, and the Partridges, and even their own family has been very crucial to their rise to the top. Your parents love this, right?

ISAAC: Oh, they've been completely behind it. They've been, I mean, we did two independent records and it's like we were going to do it with our lawnmowing money. And so....

ZAC: They've been behind us the whole time.

ISAAC: They've been behind us the whole time.

VH1: Being a natural blonde myself I thought I would see if I could slip on in and become the fourth Hanson, well, at least during this rehearsal. What do you want me to do? ISAAC: Okay, Tay's gonna show you.

VH1: Okay.

VH1: Do you think you're going to stay together, even though you said you've been playing music your whole lives?

ZAC: Okay, don't ask that question.

VH1: Don't ask that question? Why?

ZAC: Because, how can we break up? We're brothers!