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Everybody Knows the Claus
(I. Hanson/T. Hanson/Z. Hanson)

Donít you smell the cookies heís bakiní
Canít you see that belly, its shakiní
Donít take a cookie off of that pan
You donít want to mess with this man.
. : Bsection:
Youíve never seen this side of him before
You know he wonít be knockiní at your door

. : Chorus

Here comes Santa Claus
Doiní all those good things
Everybody know the cause
Here comes Santa Claus
You know heís the big man
Donít mess with the boss

. : V2
Ask Rudolph and he wonít steer you wrong
Santa wasnít this fat all along
Until he started cookin one day
Donít try and take that turkey away



. : Bridge:
Cruisiní down the air highway on his sleigh
Bringing all the presents for the next day
Donít forget the donuts

. : V3:
His cookies and his milk are his pride
Or anything that can be deep-fried
Donít get me wrong Santaís a nice guy
But you donít want to get on his bad side