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Taylor Hanson

Full name: Jordan Taylor Hanson

Nicknames: Tay, Tayles <-- more by the fans...)

Birthdate: March 14, 1983

Birthplace: Tulsa, OK

Current residence: Tulsa, OK

Hair: sandy blonde

Height: approx. 5'9"

Eyes: blue

Instrument: Keyboards (more recently harmonica, also tambourine and various percussion)

Food: fish, homemade brownies

Color: red

Sports: soccer, roolerblading, soccer

Pastimes: drawing, writing, painball, laser tag, riding dirtbikes

Fast food: McDonalds

Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper, water

hand he uses to write: right

while in california recording This Time Around, he along with Isaac and Zac have been getting into surfing