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Confused? Don't blame you. This may help.


New Pages Added: 8.7.00

Home: this will bring you back to the main page ("back home") anytime.

Site Map: You are here. This tells you what everything means if you get lost in the studio.

Updates: Tells you what's new to the Studio. If anything is added, you'll find out here!

TRL Update: This tells you the latest about Hanson on the MTV show, TRL. It will tell you what # they were on the given day, how to vote, voting tips, and when Hanson will make their next appearance.

Appearances: Want to see Hanson on TV or catch them live? Fond out where they are here, when they'll make their next TV appearance, and when they'll be in your town.

Barricades: New to the Sudio, this will be be the place for the people behind the barracades (aka, YOU, the fans) to meet, share storys, chat, and whatever else.

Biographies: Who's Hanson? Find out here. Their history as a group and get the low-down on the brothers individually.

Dark Room: The picture gallery. Find all the pictures you could ever want here. Ranging from exclusive MOE magazines, to tv appearances, to individual pictures of all the guys. Includes the "Latest Pictures" gallery which holds over 300 pictures that are recent, new ones added each week.

How Sweet: Song dedications and Poems to Hanson from YOU, the fans.

Imports: This is where you can get all the info of all the imported Hanson music around the world.

In Print: This is where you can find anything ever printed about Hanson...and then some. Ranging from those "Teenie Bop" Mags to Show Transcripts to the New York Times.

Latest News: Find out the latest information/updates requarding Hanson.

Links: Links to other Hanson Pages.

* On The Road * Hanson on tour here! All the info and pics from This Time Around, Tour 2000! Be sure to check it out and help out by sending in your pictures and storys!

The Chat: Here you can chat with other Hanson Fans from around the world.

The Rack: (as in CD rack....get it? didn't think so...okay, bad joke...anyways) Here you can find all the information reguarding all of the Hanson CD's and singles released, and not released, as well as lyrics.

Sound Booth: Hear Hanson's music online, as well as exclusive interviews.

The Studio: Pictures and News from Hanson recording This Time Around in the Studio. (Since the CD has been released and they are not currently, "In the studio" this section will feature pictures and other info from that time)

Go Shopping: Simple Enough. Shop for Hanson CD's, merchandise, and posters online.

Poll: You choose your answer in the poll. Changes frequently.

Trophy Case: Visit the Studio's Trophy Case. This is where we *proudly* post awards that we have won.

Tulsa LIVE Cams: Wonder what Hanson sees when they return home? Want to go to Tulsa, OK but can't? Go here to see 3 live views of Hanson's Hometown.

Voting Tips: Very important for online TRL voters. Go there to see what I'm talking about.

Win My Award: This is a treat for Hanson Fans who have web sites. You can win my award... IF you're good enough :)

Contacts: Me, Hanson, whoever. Need to get ahold of someone? Find out how here.

Me Me Me: Simple Enough. Find out about ME! Kat, creator of the Studio. Warning: you must be brave to venture to this page.

Site Guestbook: Geustbook for this site. Let me know what you think and whatnot. It IS appreciated!! thanks-