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In my opinion, everyone must visit this site-
it's the most touching and beautiful ever created-
PLEASE go here: Sharing the Love

Sites Featured in MOE:

Hanson in Clay-O-Vision
The Hanson Hotel


Barely Naked Hanson

official (or close to-) sites:

Hanson Hitz
Hanson Live

fan sites:

Runaway Train
Hanson Fans With C.F.
Dido's Hanson Page
Fluffy Chicken
Absolutley Insane
Hanson Universe
Those Hanson Devils
Hitz Never Die
The Hanson Source
Kangerooland’s Hanson Page
Never Thought I'd Be Speaking These Words...
The Hanson Link
Faceless Crowd
Blue Like Truth
Albertane Dreams
Speechless About Hanson
Tripin' Trio From Tulsa
The Hanson Network
Hanson Hysteria
Weird and Crazy
Hanson House
The Hanson Power Page
A Hanson Fan Page
Babybird's Hanson Page
Z.I.T. Land
Fly the Wings of an Eagle
Hanson- The Main Brazilian Site
Albertane Dreams
Hanson's Bathroom
HITZ Diary!
In Hanson's Eyes

Fan-Fic Links:

The Turok Trilogy
Famous Love
Friends First
The Thin Line Between Love and Hate
All's Well that Ends Well
The Best Summer Ever
Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow
Start Cross'd
Through Thick and Thin
How Do I Live
Another World
My Angel
Promises Don't Last Forever
Silver Tears
Flying on the Wings of Love (Page of Stories)
Weeping Willow
Delicate Cries of Death
A BUNCH of stories to choose from...
I Will Come to You
The Hanson Hoes
Dreams Do Come True
Lucy's Hanson Fan Fiction
Thinking of You
Kara's Hanson Story
Courtney's Hanson Story
Alexi's Sotry & Sequel

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A few other "creations" by KAT:

Mindi Abair - the Original Fan Site
The Official PHUZION Site
(please check out this group y'all!!)
Johnny No-Name / AJ McLean
kadecster KAT!®