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How Sweet . . . Song Dedications
Last Updated: 1.23.01
(newest ones posted @ the top)
Name: Amy
Age: 15
Song: "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain
To: Taylor
Why: Cause "I'll be your crying shoulder, I'll be love suicide, ...I'll be the greatest fan of your life..." My Tay Baby is so sweet! (o:

Name: Hannah Jo
Age: 17
From: Mass
Song: The One
For: All of them! I'll be the ONE for them! Always! "I'll be the one, who will make all your sorrows undone, I'll be the light, when you feel there's no place to run, I'llbe the one, to hold you, and make sure that you're alright, I'll be the one." That sayz it all!

Name: Bridgette
Age: 13 [I'llbe14Oct24thYAY!]
Loc: Pennslyvania
Song: "I Need You" - LeAnn Rimes
To: Zac
Why: Just 'cause I think it is such a sweet song, and "I Need Zac like water, like breath, like rain" >;]- hehe honestly

Song:Thinking Of You
To:Taylor Hanson
Why:'cuz, no matter where I go, no matter what I do I am thinking of him the whole time.

Hi. My name is Mallory and like to dedicate
Britney Spears "Born to make you happy
because I was born to make Zac happy.

Name: Amy
Age: 13
Song: Back At One by Brian McKnight
To: Zac
Why: cause it shows that i'll always love him and that i'm the only one he'll even need!! Zac I love you!!

Name: Stacy
Song: I Will Come To You by...DUH! HANSON!!!
To: Isaac Hanson
Why: cause i love Ike to death and i'll go anywhere and do anyhting for him....he doesn't even have to call me!!!! I'll be there ALWAYS!!!!! through seems some people forgot about Hanson...and that scares me!!! but I love them!! I love Isaac!!! I'll always be here!!

Name: Kayte
Age: 15
City: NYC
Song: Can't Stop
To: Taylor!
Why: cause i can't stop thinking about him!!

Name: Sandra
Age: 17
Song: Save Me
To: Tay
Why: cause i love him so much and i need him to come and save me!! come take me tay!! I'm waiting...

Name: Jeanna
Age: 15
Song: With You In Your Dreams
To: Zac
Why: cause even if you don't know me or will never meet me I will be with you in my dreams- i love you Zac!!

Have a Song you'd like to dedicate to Hanson either by Hanson or someone else?! E-mail Me with the Details!