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Bits and Pieces of This and That
(from various TV shows)


Isaac: Half the reason that the album took five months was because we were writing songs during that time and there was weird pointsin time where like, two weeks would go by and we wouldn’t necessarily be recording or writing just demoing different things.

On Snowed In:

Isaac: Yeah, we wrote three Christmas songs on that, a song called Everybody Knows The Claus which is kinda like, it’s kinda funky almost, you know it’s got this, serious guitar groove. And a song called ‘At Christmas’ which is just, kind of a, Christmas ballad.

On Soldier:

Taylor: There’s one song of 3CG that’s kind of an interesting song. It’s about a tin soldier. It’s really just like a really long story. And it’s based around kind of a storybook but it really it’s not a young song at all. It’s a very interesting song. That’s one that we kinda like enjoy playing. It’s kinda off the wall really, the way the song was written.


Isaac: Our grandma, she was kind of close to dying and one night Tay went up and started playing some chords and we heard him from our room....and er, went up and he’d started playing this thing and we finished it off and dedicated it to our grandma.

On the $16,000 paid by Ozzy Ozbourne:

Taylor: Its kind of funny though because we’ve met his daughter.. Isaac: His daughters Taylor: ...both of his daughters already and it’s kinda surprising actually that she would decide to do that. But um, I think that’s awesome, but I think it went to a good cause and if they would like to pay a lot of money to get backstage passes, we’re sure not worth it.

On family life:

Taylor: Life is pretty chaotic yeah, but everybody kinda flows with it. Everything has to be just kinda based around that. But still life goes on pretty normally, our little sisters had a ballet recital and we had go to it, you know you HAD to come, so we had to go to that.
Taylor: If we’re playing music, we’re playing music loud, if we’re watching TV it’s loud. We’re very, the whole family is very auditory in that way. It’s always like, turn it up. So when we’re playing music and we’re talking about music and I think they get influenced by that. Our younger sister Jessica, who’s 9, she could probably tell you every lyric to our songs.

On the fixation with their hair:

Isaac: People often comment on our hair and go, so is it a plan, is it in your contract, do you have to keep your hair long?
Taylor: NO, no it’s not!
Isaac: It was just coincidence
Taylor: I think our image is not our hair or any of that stuff. I think you are definitely going to change just like anybody. Because, music changes and life goes on and things just evolve. So, of course you’re going to have new songs and you’re gonna maybe learn new instruments or...
Zac: Or new haircuts
Isaac: .... new fans
Taylor: Yeah. New haircuts, that’s definitely not one thing we’re stuck on.

On the next album:

Taylor: You’re always writing songs as you go travelling around
Zac: We have a few that think are gonna be on the next album
Taylor: And also some songs that we’ve always wanted to record, maybe that songs we wrote some time ago that we wanna put on an album. Possibly that you’ll, kind of, revamp those and start over but some songs that you really, really enjoy playing.
Isaac: We’ve talked about recording a couple of songs from 3CG again just because they are old versions and we have new parts to some of the songs. I think that actually on this album, people will be probably a little bit surprised when we start recording....
Taylor: I think we’ll be surprised.
Isaac: Yeah I think we’ll be surprised actually, yeah because you write songs in all kinds of different situations especially now, because you are travelling more.
Zac: Yeah, we’ve written a lot more songs like, with an acoustic guitar so it will probably have more of that kind of sound to it.