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Hanson: Guilty, or Not Guilty?
(Smash Hitz Magazine - not sure of date)

This issue, itís the turn of those rockiní bros Hanson. Taylor and Isaac [Zac canít be tried Ďcos heís a minor], we charge you with......

..being too talented too young
Ike: I never think about how young or old I am, Iím just doing what I love. And I donít think of myself as a talented person. We feel very lucky to be doing what weíre doing. NOT GUILTY!

...ripping off your fans by bringing out a live album
Ike: Weíve been on tour for almost four months, so we thought we might as well make a record from it. And we think people will enjoy it.... Taylor: And right at the moment, weíre in the middle of demo-ing and writing songs for a brand new album, but that probably wonít come out until 1999. But a new album is definitely on its way.NOT GUILTY!

...disappointing your fans by hardly ever coming over to Britain
Taylor: We needed a break to think about the next album and to relax a little, but weíll be doing all kinds of things in the next couple of months. Ike: Itís definitely possible that we could come over to England and Europe. We know itís been a while since weíve been over there, so we should be scheduled for another trip over there pretty soon. GUILTY!

...refusing to believe that youíre seen as a sex symbol (we mean you,Taylor)
Taylor: I guess I just donít think about things that way. I think itís awesome just to have fans, because itís made it possible for us to be doing what weíre doing. And girls screaming makes concerts fun!(Hmm, see next charge...)GUILTY!

... complaining that the fans scream too loudly for your liking
Taylor: They do scream very, very loud and it can get kinda scary. You know, sometimes youíre in a situation where there are lots of people and youíre not prepared for it. But we know that everyoneís just excited - itís not like theyíre trying to kill everybody. NOT GUILTY!

...putting hairdressers out of business by encouraging everyone to grow their hair long
Ike: I have seen lots of people with hair like us and itís pretty cool. But Iíve also heard of other people who have shaved off their hair to win tickets for our concerts, so it works both ways. As long as theyíre not forcing me to shave my head... NOT GUILTY!

...taking yourselves too seriously
Ike: Well, of course we take it seriously, but itís also kinda fun. GUILTY!

...singing old peopleís rock songs
Taylor: Weíre really into í50s , í60s and í70s rock and we like to introduce our fans to this kinda music because they probably havenít heard it before. Ike: Weíve always been into rock. Stuff like Aerosmith, the RollingStones, The Beatles... I could list a billion people. GUILTY!

...taking too long to release a new single
Ike: Well, itís possible weíll be releasing something soon.Weíve talked about releasing a single off the live record, and as it stands, the possible single is Gimme Some Loviní, which was originally recorded by The Spencer Davis Group (a í60s pop combo. Hmm, refer to the previous charge...). GUILTY! loads of different girls (thatís you again, Taylor)
Taylor: Nah, there have been lots of weird rumours, but none of us have steady girlfriends. Thatís not to say we donít meet girls -weíre always meeting girls who are cool. But itís kind of a complicated process for us, what with all of the travelling. It makes things hard. NOT GUILTY!

Thereís no doubt about it, the blond bombshells are guilty of many a pop crime. We sentence them to an hour in the barberís chair!