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United Colours of Pop - Hanson: GO USA!!
TOTP Magazine - June '98

Are you into soccer?

IKE: We're not really up on the World Cup. I mean, who's playing? I don't even know that!
ZAC: One thing I know for sure is we're not gonna win.

That's not very positive.

IKE: (Looking a tad gloomy.) Well, soccer's not really that huge in America, but I did play when I was younger.
ZAC: Yeah, we all played soccer for a real long time.
TAY: Erm, I played for three years and Zac played for, like, three months.
ZAC: No, I played for five. I was mainly goalie or defender so I didn't get to score many goals.
IKE: I was actually so bad on the pitch that I decided to become a ref. That was great. I really enjoyed telling the coaches to calm down when they got a bit ratty. I'd say,'Hey,just chill out, man!'

How competitive are you guys?

TAY: It depends how we feel and how well we can play on the day. We're good athletes if we work at it...
ZAC:If we work at it!
TAY: ...but we haven't played sports in quite a while.
ZAC: We've forgotten a few of the rules!
IKE: We used to be good at basketball but now our girlfriends are better than us!
ZAC: That's as in 'friends who are girls!'
IKE: ...they're better than us.
TAY: (Head in hands.) It's so humiliating!

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