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Issue Nov 12-Nov 25, 1997
(I used to have pictures to go with this, but they got erased when i lost my hard drive...Iíll see if i can find them anywhere else...)

Take 4 spray cans, a massive sheet of paper and three very excited Hanson fellas. And what do you have? Total and Utter Chaos!

When BIG! asked Zac, Isaac and Taylor to create their own backdrop for our photo-shoot, we had no idea what would happen, but they did. The boys created the brand new Hanson logo on this hu-ge screen, just for us. But it wasn't just the paper which ended up covered in paint, everything got redecorated. Luckily, the boys changed into their oldest clothes to paint, so Isaac wasn't too worried when Taylor sprayed his T-shirt, his shoes, his jeans - or even BIG! photographer David. So they were happy with their creation? "Definitely" says Taylor. "It was a really cool way to spend an afternoon. Even better than playing basketball!"

The boys changed into these clothes to create their masterpiece. Zac wasn't too keen on these overalls though. Oops!

"We wanted to show the world our new logo," says Taylor. "But we were a bit afraid it was going to go wrong."

Once the boys started spraying they just couldn't stop. In fact a snooty 'serious' music mag had to wait an extra hour while the boys finished the painting!

"I'm used to being covered in paint," says Zac. "I love going to paintball wars where you shoot pellets of paint at each other," Mmm.

Uh-oh! Taylor sprays Ike's back but oh no, the paint goes straight through and won't come off...

Next time you see Isaac, check out his back for red streaks!

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