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Agro's Cartoon Connection interview, taped 31 July 1997, aired late August 1997, Channel 7 Network, interviewer Holly.(Aussie)

[MMMBop introduction is being played]

Isaac: Hi, Iím Isaac and Iím 16 and I play the guitar.
Zac: Hi, Iím Zac and Iím 11 and I play the drums.
Taylor: Hi Iím Taylor and Iím 14 and play the keyboard.

Holly: Hi guys, and welcome to the show. What must it feel like to be such big stars at such an early age?

Taylor: I mean, I donít know. We, we don't think of it as being a star really. We, we started singing as a group six years ago -
Zac: - independantly -
Taylor: Yeah, of course. At that point we were just acappella.
Isaac: And then about three years later we got drums, guitar and keyboard, and started playing those. After three years of doing that we got signed and then made this next record.

[part of MMMBop clip is played]

Holly: Have your parents had much infleunce in your careers?

Taylor: Without them we probably couldnít have done it cos we were, I mean, we were so young it would have just been impossible to make it happen.
Isaac: Yeah, I mean 6, 9, 11 years old... "Mom , Dad - bye bye we are going somewhere else."
Taylor: [laughs] "Yeah, weíre going to a bar... Weíre going to perform!"
Isaac: "Weíre going to a concert!"

Holly: Whatís the most exciting thing thatís happened to you so far?

[Taylor looks at Zac like he doesnít know what to say]

Zac: Donít ask us that!
Taylor: I think when you go to a concert...
Isaac: [in background] Oh yeah!
Taylor: ...and there are thousands of fans there and they're all screaming... you just perform for that.
Isaac: Weíre really getting to go to all of the places that weíve never had the chance to go to. You know... Australia!

Holly: Well your single has been number one for nine weeks in Australia...

Zac: Yeah!!
Taylor: GO!!!

Holly: Tell us a little about your new album and single.

Taylor: MMMBop is definately the only thing like it on the album, I mean there are other sounds like it, but itís really its own thing. And our next single Whereís the Love has kinda a 70ís rock feel to it, itís really up.
Isaac: More like a Mowtown!
Taylor: Yeah, more like a Mowtown.

Holly: Where do you come up with all your material for your songs?
Taylor: [laughing] You write it!
Isaac: Yeah!

Holly: And you write your own songs as well?

Taylor: Yeah, itís all part of the package, writing songs is just part of it. We donít - you donít ever think about it and say "Letís write a cool song," you just go and do it.
Isaac: Yeah, when we were writing the song MMMBop the first chorus came up when we were doing the first independant record - the chorus, we were trying to think of background parts for a song and we came across the chorus then about a year later we realised we had always liked that part and so we said "Oh letís finish it."
Taylor: MMMBop is like a moment or an instant... it could be anything but itís like a second, "In an MMMBop there gone" so it says - you have so many relationships in this life...
Zac and Taylor: ...Only one or two will last, you go through all the pain and strife and then turn your back and there gone so fastĒ

Holly: Come on, sing it for us, you can do it!
Zac: [enthusiastically] We CAN do it!!!

Holly: You can do it, you can do anything!

[Hanson sing MMMBop acapella]

Holly: What do your friends think about your success? Theyíd have to be pretty stoked - "Hey! My friend is Hanson!"

Taylor: I think they totally get into it.
Zac: They had always thought of us as "we sing, we are a band."
Taylor: Weíve always done it, most of our lives weíve sung, so our friends would always think of us that way.
Hanson: Back to you Agro!

Zac: [in background] What does that mean?

[End of Interview]