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TT-FM Interview, 4 August 1997, TT-FM Melbourne, Interviewer Chris Dzelde.

Isaac: ...that was the beginning of really music today, I mean, all music kinda came out of all that.
Taylor: I mean, It's just really good music.
Isaac: Yeah, the movement, the 50's and 60's, that's when all that stuff started. That's where rock n' roll and R&B, and soul music and things like that started.
Taylor: I mean, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Chuck Berry, it goes on forever, it goes on...
Isaac: Yeah, 50's and 60's!
Taylor: Really great artists.
Isaac: Yeah, during that time, that's when music really started becoming what it is now. I mean, the music today is definitely... the thing is, music is always changing, and there is always different ways of, you know, expressing yourself.

Interviewer: So do you see yourself in like 20, 30, 40, 50 years time...


Isaac: Dead?

Interviewer: Still doing the same thing? Coming out in your wheelchairs going [old person's voice] "Hi, we're Hanson!"

Taylor: I think...
Zac: [in old person's voice] MMMBop, Ba Do Wop...
Taylor: Hopefully we won't be doing MMMBop by that time.
Zac: Hopefully we would have made it to at least...
Taylor: A different song.
Isaac: Yeah, a different song, at least another...
Zac: You know...

Interviewer: Do you get sick of playing the same songs over and over?

Isaac: Oh well, you know... It's actually fun...
Zac: I don't know if sick, but you get a little bit tired because you know, it's like one song, on the radio, every day, every second...
Taylor: No...
Zac: Not quite that bad though.
Taylor: I mean, I think you can't, but you're gonna get tired, but you can't be...
Isaac: The thing is, the people who are listening to it, and the people you're playing it for, haven't heard it before. You may have played it a bunch of times, but you know, it's hard to get bored and aggravated with the song when really when you're playing it for an audience that are enjoying it as much as they were like the other day, I mean, when you're singing MMMBop and you can see them singing it...

Interviewer: Mmm...

Isaac: Like half, or most of the audience is singing the song, and you go "Wow!"
Isaac: And we should point out that MMMBop isn't exactly the easiest song to sing along too!

[Taylor laughs]

Isaac: Exactly! Most people don't know it's english!
Taylor: Yeah!
Zac: And you start going "No! Wrong word!"
Taylor: Because every time you sing it, you have to think, "this person it's going to mean a lot to them when they hear it", even though you've sung it a million times, it doesn't really matter, because it means a lot to them.

Interviewer: Well, yeah. Your latest song too is absolutely going through the roof, it's officially released today of course. Is there a story behind the song?

Isaac: The song is actually...
Zac: The song is actually about [strange voice] WHERE'S THE LOVE?
Isaac: Yeah that's... it makes the point.

Interviewer: Okay!

Isaac: That's really the point of the song. We wrote that one with Mark Hudson.

Interviewer: You'd be pleased to know it's at number 2 tonight.
Isaac: Oh wow!
Zac: Whoo! Whoo!

Interviewer: I might just get you guys to introduce it for us...

Isaac: Okay. Cool.
Taylor: Well, this is Hanson, and here's our new single...
Isaac: Where's the love...
Zac: [funny voice again] Where's the love!

[They play Where's The Love and then go to talk to the guy in the jeep who gives out free stuff, then play number 1 which is MMMBop, then Chris talks about how Hanson have got number 1 and 2 again, then he gets back to them...]

Interviewer: Guys, thanks for coming in this evening, I know you're flying back tomorrow, so we really do appreciate it. Now on Saturday, we really have to address this - you mentioned there were plans to return to Australia with a full concert tour, the big question is, any idea of the time frame on that?

Zac: NO!

Interviewer: No? Okay.

Isaac: We are definitely looking forward to touring, the exact dates and stuff is not...
Taylor: very much in flux.
Isaac: Yeah, in flux.

Interviewer: Yeah, sure.

Taylor: We would like to start touring in the coming spring, January, February, March, that time period, but that would be starting in the states and then... and we thought about maybe even starting in Australia, but that's, I mean, you never know what's going to happen, but we really do want to tour in Australia.
Isaac: Yeah, we will definatley make it down here!
Taylor: Yeah, it's a big spot.

Interviewer: Excellent. Well, we'll look forward to seeing you again guys thanks very much for coming in tonight.

Taylor: Thanks a lot!

Interviewer: Continued good luck, not that you need that from me, because great album and ah...

Zac: We'll take all the good luck we can get!
Isaac: Yeah exactly! Thank you very much for having us.

[end of interview]