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Australian Interview:

Recovery Interview, 16 August, 1997, Australia
Interviewer Dylan Lewis.

[a small clip of MMMBop and then Ike, Taylor and Zac push the interviewer into the pool on a floaty thing. Then you see Zac in the pool fully clothed (giving his famous smile). Isaac jumps in, then Taylor (both fully clothed) - then them mucking around.]
Interviewer: Enjoying massive success in Australia, the album's gone to number one in every territory in the world! Unbelievable! They're here! They've let me come and let me muck around in their pool, very nice of them! Please welcome the very peaceful Hanson.
[Isaac and Taylor attack Dylan with water pistols]
[small clip of MMMBop] [back in the pool Isaac is floating on a blow up crocodile, Tay is hanging off the ladder, Zac is swimming around]
Interviewer: Are you enjoying Australia?
Isaac: Yes actually very much so, in fact so much that weíre wrestling crocodiles [he wrestles the blow up crocodile]
Interviewer: How are you coping with all the success that you guys have certainly had?
Taylor: Well you know whenever we get stressed we just do whatever together - swim in the pool with all our clothes on!
Interviewer: Yeah, with your clothes on!
Taylor: Just kind of get all our stress out.
Interviewer: Yeah for sure.
Zac: What do you think of my shirt? [jumps up showing his shirt]
Interviewer: You seem to be coping just fine with all the success Mr Zac, does it go to your head at all?
Zac: I donít know! [giggles]
Interviewer: No.
Zac and Taylor: No.
Taylor: No, it canít go to your head, you have to have fun with it, but you canít let it make you any different.
Isaac: Yeah I mean the thing is, the thing is, you know, your really just kind of holding a position, itís like, itís like - I mean if it wasnít, you - itíd be someone else.
[small clip of Melbourne in store appearance where Taylor says "Hello, you guys really rock!"]
Interviewer: The little mini-gig you had yesterday turned out to be a massive thing! They were only expecting about 8,000 people, there were 6,000 people there by 8am now by the time you guys went on I think there were about 20,000 people there!
[shot of the crowd]
Isaac: There were lots there!
Interviewer: Is that the biggest concert youíve ever done?
Zac: Yeah [nodding]
Isaac: Thatís the biggest gig that weíve done so far. Yes.
Interviewer: Was it massive, were there people everywhere?
Taylor: It was!
Isaac: It was pretty much...
Taylor: It was amazing!
[small clip of Melbourne in store Isaac says "I have one thing to say and that is MELBOURNE ROCKS!!!"]
[back in the pool, Zacís on the crocodile]
Interviewer: Why do you think your music is so popular?
Zac: I do not know!
Isaac: I have no idea, you know I mean itís...
Taylor: Itís awesome that people have response to it, but I have, you know - really thereís... who knows.
Zac: Why is it popular? Weíd like to know!
Interviewer: Taylor's giving an acceptable answer! [pushes Zac off crocodile] What was that? [to Taylor]
[clip of the harbour cruise - singing Madeline]
Interviewer: When did you start singing?
Taylor: Ah we started and did our first performance about 6 years ago.
Interviewer: Yeah.
Isaac: Yeah.
Interviewer: And was it you three? [all three laugh because the interviewer puts his hands on his lungs]
Taylor: Yeah it was acapella.
Zac: You're weird!
Interviewer: Acapella, and who wrote the songs?
Taylor: We did, I mean we were singing covers...
Zac: One, two, three [points to each person]
Isaac: Yeah all three of us.
Taylor: All three of us, we were singing some covers like, umm we sang Johnny B Good, Splish Splash, Rockin' Robin.
Isaac: Yeah.
Taylor: But also...
Interviewer: Rockin' Robin?
Taylor: Oh yeah!
Isaac: Yeah
Interviewer: la la la [singing Rockin' Robin]
All: [start singing Rockin' Robin, then crack up laughing]
Taylor: Something like that!
Isaac: Yeah that one!
Interviewer: yeah, no more covers now though, or are they all originals?
Taylor: Ah, yeah I mean really - when we do a real concert we definitely will put those in cause I mean, itís fun for the crowd, itís fun for you, why not!
Interviewer: Yeah.
Isaac: Yeah I mean they know those songs really, I mean a lot of people know 50ís and 60ís rock 'n roll!
Interviewer: Yeah, I do!
Isaac: Yeah so I mean, you know it started it all and so that, yeah and when we started actually 6 years ago, we were just doing acapella, we were just singing, only voices. Yeah and then we actually were playing keyboard then, or very soon after, we started playing keyboard and then - and then added drums guitar and keyboard.
[a fountain of water comes across the lens]
Isaac: And theyíre [Zac and Taylor] spitting across the lens.
[Isaac does a big grin to the camera, Zac laughs]
Interviewer: Do you play other instruments? [spits at Zac]
Zac: Ah, I play keyboard!
Taylor: Yeah we all three play keyboard, I play drums also, and um yeah thatís that!
Isaac: Yeah and I donít play drums cause thatís the one thing I can not play is drums, I couldnít play drums if...
[while theyíre talking Zac is ducking under water and spitting at the interviewer - giggles]
Interviewer: You leave that to the main man!
Isaac: Yeah exactly!
Taylor: He is the man!
Isaac: Thatís why heís the...
[clip of Whereís The Love (starts with Zac on drums)]
[Taylor throws the crocodile over everyoneís heads]
Interviewer: Do you have a very supportive family?
Taylor: Very very supportive...
Isaac: Yeah very! [Zac still giggling]
Interviewer: Is it big?
Taylor: um, thereís three other kids in our family, three other siblings.
Interviewer: Six!
Isaac: Yeah six kids in the family, yes.
Interviewer: Are they good singers?
[Taylor shoots water out of pistol] Taylor: I... I...
Zac: I dunno...
Taylor: I think they like singing. Itís pretty cool!
Interviewer: Do you want to let them in the band? Interviewer: Yeah really!
[clip of harbour cruise Taylor says "God you guys are loud, jeez, you can stop screaming now!!"]
Interviewer: Do you have girlfriends at home?
Zac: No.
Isaac and Taylor: No
Taylor: Nobody has girlfriends, no girlfriends!
Interviewer: No girlfriends, that seems sad I mean have you been asked that before?
Isaac: Yeah, actually quite a bit!
Zac: Yes many times!
[clip of harbor cruise singing MMMBop]
Interviewer: Are you rich?
Zac: I donít know!
Taylor: Itís kind of a weird question because the thing is thatís not what itís all about at all.
Isaac: Yeah.
Interviewer: Isnít it, wouldnít it give you an incentive to do the music?
Taylor: No, not at all!
Isaac: No I think the reason we...
Zac: You have big eyebrows!!! [to interviewer, all crack up laughing, interviewer splashes Zac]
[clip Whereís The Love]
Interviewer: Where do you think youíll be in 10 years?
Isaac: Actually we...
Zac: Hopefully in music!
Interviewer: In music, yeah...
Isaac: Yeah.
Taylor: I mean really, you have to hope that in a year weíll still be in music but I mean ideally, youíd love to be able to it for a long long time.
Interviewer: We gotta get out of here, I donít think Iím staying here!
[All jump out of pool]
Zac: Oh gosh!
[Isaac starts talking but you canít hear what heís saying cause the music (Whereís The Love) is turned up loud. Isaac has to use the ladder to get out] The End!!