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Hanson Laugh Their Way To A Sitcom - TV Guide

Teen pop sensations Hanson, who already have a movie deal under their belts, are in talks to develop a weekly TV sitcom. "The Monkees meets The Larry Sanders Show" is how one source described the project to our pals at TV Guide. "Obviously TV works for these guys," the source told the mag. "They're just talking about a series now, but all that chart activity could jump-start it." The sitcom would star Taylor, Zac and Isaac Hanson as themselves. If the deal happens, it would finally allow the group's young fans to see the trio before bedtime. So far, two of Hanson's most visible TV moments have come in curiously late time slots. A Thanksgiving week special hosted by Dick Clark aired at 9:30 p.m./ET, while last weekend's appearance on Saturday Night Live went on after 11:30 p.m./ET -- which, presumably, might have found little 12-year-old drummer boy Zac feeling sleepy behind his kit.

Meanwhile, the Tulsa, OK-based teenypopsters' hot streak continues. The group's new Christmas CD, Snowed In, hit No. 12 on the Billboard charts last week, leaving it a mere two spots behind the group's debut album, Middle of Nowhere. As for the band's new video, Tulsa, Tokyo and the Middle of Nowhere, it sold 37,000 copies, topping the Billboard music video sales chart. -- SK