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Best New Band HANSON - Entertainment Weekly

They were the year's other big pop phenomenon that you wanted to love to hate--only you couldn't because, it turned out, these kids had talent in as much abundance as pluck. Long after "Posh" and "Sporty" are consigned to the Trivial Pursuit bin--and well after teen mags have moved on to the next big thing--it's possible the brothers Hanson will still be crafting pleasures as indelible as "MMMBop". The yongest, Zac, at 11, can actually play the drum kit he's almost able to see over; the eldest, Isaac, 17, will eventually be able to concentrate more on songwriting than babysitting; and heartthrobby Taylor, 14, has handily survived the voice change that arrived between Middle of Nowhere and the Christmas album Snowed In. Not since the Jackson Five has pubescence been this much fun--and doggone, they seem so well-adjusted they won't ever have to comiserate with Liz Taylor.