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Smash Hits - 2 December 1997

Hanson Bounce Back!

Hanson - they've got more bounce to the ounce than yer average pop group. To prove it, Smash Hits got 'em leaping about on trampolines, and chatting about girls(!) and armpits(!) It's their springiest interveiw ever!

Arrrrgggghh! Look Oouutttt!"

Oh dear. Mabye the trampolines were a mistake. Taylor's just gone flying across the room. Zac's capering about alarmingly on the top of a ladder, and Ike's nursing a large lump on his head.

"Zac hit me with a stick," he says. "Hey, man!" shouts Zac from the top of his ladder. "It wasn't on purpose!" It's Zacs turn on the trampoline, so he clambers down, to sighs of releif. "Go for the big air!" shouts the photographer - so Zac makes a farting noise!

The Hanson Boys are in the mood for a bit of a laugh. They're all set for Chrisitmas and The Poll Winners Party, they've been feasting on Toblerones and their mum and dad are cheerily looking on. Their mum looks just like them, with long blonde hair to her bum. She's also very pregnant with a new Hanson - the seventh of the family.

The three biggest Hansons finish bouncing and throw themselves onto a plush leather sofa for their interview. Taylor strums a guitar thoughtfully(the latest in a long line of intruments he's turned his hand to), Zac fidgets about a bit and Isaac cheerfully stretches himself out. Time to ask the questions:

Have you ever been in hospital?

Zac: I was born in hospital. (Reathinking) No, actually, I wasn't - I wasborn in our house.

Taylor: We've not had our tonsils out or anything. We've only been in hospital to see people and have shesk-ups. I did break my arm when i was twelve though. I was going down hill on my bike when I slammed on my brakes, flipped over and landed on my arm.

Isaac: (Impressed): He did three flips before he landed!

What's your favourite item of clothing?

Zac:(helpfully) Erm, clothes!

Isaac: Shoes

Taylor: I have to go with boxer shorts. (They all laugh)

Zac: My blue and white biker pants, I got them in New York. They're from Diesal.

What country would you most like to go to?
Taylor: The United States (laughs)

Zac: (loudly) Mars!

Taylor: That's another world...

Zac(louder still): So, um how about the rings of Saturn!

Taylor(gently kicking Zac): Zac! I guess Africa would be cool.

Isaac: That'd be awsome

What do you think god looks like?

Zac(flummoxed for once): I'll pass !

Taylor: I think that's an impossible question to answer. Nothing like us that's for sure.

Isaac: Because the minute we say something, God goes, ' I don't think so!' ( Mimes God chucking a thunderbolt at somebody)

What does success smell like?

Zac(loudly): Your armpit!

Isacc: Yeah like your armpit! No, seriously, success has no smell.

Taylor: People ask you what it's like to be successful and to me it's kinda like when you have an amazing birthday.

Isaac: Yeah, but your still the same person that you were before. It dosn't change you in the slightest. The fact that you've gotten the oppertunity...

Taylor: ... should make you more, humble, more appreciative!

Zac: Exactly!

Okay so these three guys are among the most fancied guys in pop, but who do Ike, Tay and Zac fancie?

"Cindy Crawford!" shout the two eldest Hansons at exactly the same time.

"Oh, how about Cameron Diaz," adds Taylor going all wibbly. "She's cute. We're looking forward to seeing her in A Life Less Ordinary."

Isaac at this point in time is staring out of the window, imagining a date with Cameron. He puts on a really cheezy accent and says, "I'd be like, 'Hey Cameron! Hello!' "

Then as we are about to conclude the interview he comes out with, "We actually met Cindy Crawford. It was awsome. She's really, really pretty...and hot!"

Taylor joins in wistfully. "Yeah, she was really, really, nice..."