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Go Figure - Entertainment Weekly

Hanson have "MMMBop"-ed their way right into cyberspace. Images of the teenybopper trio, who have already conquered the music world with their chart-topping single, are currently one of the hottest downloads on America Online. A quick glance at the MMMdata:

1. Combined download total from two Hanson photos from MTV@aol since late May:2,909
2. Number of downloads of No Doubt, the second-most-popular group:886
3. Age of average AOL user:25-56
4. Combined age of the Hanson brothers:41
5. Year America Online launched:1985
6. Year Zachary Hanson was born:1985
7. Number of postings in MTV@aol's Hanson discussion group:1,093
8. Number of computers in the Hanson household:1