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BIG! Interview
(Nov 12th-Nov 25th)

Rumour number one:

We've heard you were secretly living in England for a month and no-one knew. Is that true?

Taylor: Oh yes! We've been living in this huge mansion house with a huge pool and all these gardens. Oh, and a horse but we didn't ride it. We had a recording studio right next door. We've been recording a Christmas album with loads of festive songs.

Zac: In fact, we are kink of fed up with Christmas and it's only November! We've been singing carols for ages. The house here is great and our whole family have been living with us too. We've had a good time.

Isaac: We haven't really homesick for Tulsa because we've been living out of a suitcase for ages. We do miss our friends, but we've been calling them on the phone. It's weird because we spend our whole life on the road these days. So far we've been to places we never imagined we would ever see like Australia, Bali and Japan.

Zac: I liked Japan the best cos everything was so small and neat.

Rumour number two:

Is it true that you have to have a bodyguard because you can't go anywhere without being recognised?

Taylor: No! But we do have to be careful if we go anywhere. When we were living in the same area for a month that was quite cool. We were able to go into town and people got used to seeing us. They asked for autographs and stuff but it didn't really affect us.

Isaac: Girls do follow us when we go out but we haven't had to run and hide from them for awhile.

Zac: We have had to run from crowds of girls before which was really scary. All these girls like "Arrrgh" and we were like "Woah!".

Rumour number three:

We understand you're making Hanson: The Movie. True or False?

Taylor: False. It hasn't happened and it isn't going to happen. We had talks with this movie guy about it and suddenly he was telling the whole world that we were going to make and star in a movie. It's just not true. One day we would like to do a movie but we'd like to act in it and not just be ourselves, I hope that you can understand that?

Zac: Maybe we'll take a look at the Spice Girls movie and then decide what we're going to do.

Rumour number four:

What about Hanson the cartoon series?

Zac: We have no plans for that at all. I'd love to do that. I'd love to draw it as well. It would be great to create something out of our doodles and the drawings we do all the time.

Taylor: Zac is always doodling - always. He could fill a book with his creations.

Rumour number five:

Hanson are going to follow in the footsteps of the Spice Girls and sponsor all kinds of stuff. Will you do that?

Isaac: We've been approached to do things but we haven't singed on the dotted line yet!

What will it be?

Taylor: A computer game! No I don't know. We really want to find the right product before we commit to it.

Rumour number six:

Taylor, there's all sorts of whispers that you're cutting your hair...

Taylor: Ha, ha! No it's not true, well I mean I do want my hair trimmed a little, but not cut short? I don't think so. It's taken me ages and ages to grow it, so I'm going to keep it long for a while.

What about your long tail bit?

Taylor: Uh-huh! No way! It's staying.

Rumour number seven:

We've also heard Isaac is getting married!

Isaac: Whhhat! No way, how can I be getting married if I haven't even got a girlfriend? Zac's more likely to be getting married and he's only 12! I wish I actually had someone who'd marry me.

Rumour number eight:

We heard you've got a motorbike Zac...

Zac: That's true! I wanted a motorcycle for ages. It's not a Harley or anything but a really cool little one so I can go racing around near where we live. I've been asking for one for ages and I think I'm old enough now to have one. I'm gonna be careful and I'm going to wear a helmet.

Isaac, it's your birthday on November 17. What will you get?

Isaac: I don't know, I don't think I'll get a motorbike though! We're gonna have a huge double celebration party back home in Tulsa to celebrate my birthday and Zac's, which was on October 22. We want to have a huge paintball war with all our friends. Have you ever played paintball? It's awesome.

Zac: I'm going to have two guns.