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HANSON TALKS! Q& Answer with Isaac, Taylor and Zach!

Big things are expected of Hanson. People in-the-know in the music biz are already comparing them to the legendary Jackson 5! This group of three blondie brothers from Oklahoma are on their way to stardom, and they've gotton off to a good start with their already popular single, "MMMBop." And not only do they sound good but they really know what they're doing - they wrote all the songs on Middle of Nowhere, their new album, and taught themselves to play instruments! Here are Isaac, Taylor and Zach talkin'!

Teen beat: How did you guys decide to become a group and try to make a go of it?

Taylor: I think it was a natural progression because we were always singing. Our mom and dad sang alot. Our parents used to joke that they would go out and tell us "do the dishes," and then they'd come home and we would have written a song! We didn't even think about it - it just happened!

Teen beat: How have your friends reacted to your new album coming out?

Isaac: We've done music with our friends also. My best friend is in a band... Taylor: And they've always known this was a part of our life. It's not a shock to them.

Teen beat: Does one of you sing much more than the others?

Isaac: It's pretty even. Taylor: A lot of the groups have one singer, and the thing that makes us Hanson is that there are three guys who sing.

Teen beat: Do your parents travel with you?

Isaac: Obviously, we can't drive!

Taylor: We also have three other brothers and sisters - there are six of us - so the whole family comes. They're younger - two girls and a boy. Jessica is 8, Avery is 6, and Mackenzie, mack for short is the 3-year-old. I think they're all outgoing in their own way, and have music in them.

Teen beat: Are any of you dating?

Isaac: We can date, but right now it's not easy... a girlfriend probably wouldn't want to deal with it.

Zachary: They'd see us one minute a year!

Taylor: It's pretty weird. And also, you'll have a fan trying to get an autograph and then you tell her you have a girlfriend and shes like, oh, bummer!