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September 1997

What's in Hanson's Bedroom? The brothers behind the catchy hit single "MMMBop" from 1997's 'Middle of Nowhere' CD are ready to tell you exactly what you'd find if you got a glimpse of their room. When we sat down to chat with the Hanson brothers, we couldn't help wondering what their bedroom back home in Tulsa, Oklahoma looks like. After all, it's been said that a bedroom reveals a lot about the occupants' personalities. So, we thought a description of their bedroom might tell us a little something new about the Hanson brothers: 16-year-old Isaac, 14-year-old Taylor, and 11-year-old Zachary. And although they are happy to tell us what their room looks like, Taylor warns,"It's a total wreck!" Since Hanson has spent the last few years perfecting its music skills in concerts all across the country, you'd think that music sheets, instruments, and recording equipment would be scattered all across the room, right? Wrong! Instead, their room is cluttered with those colorful little building blocks called Legos. Taylor tells us that he and his brothers have been collecting Medeival Times Legos, which are designed to create castles, fortresses and other medieval structures, for at least 10 years. Now, Isaac confesses,"We have a giant collection of them." In fact, they have filled four oversized Tupperware containers with Legos and piled even more of them on a huge, gray table. "The Lego table takes up half the room," youngest brother Zachary admits. Aside from the Lego table, Hanson's bedroom looks like any other bedroom belonging to a bunch of guys. "Our room is white, and there are two white dressers full of our clothes," Zachary reveals. "On top of those, there are trophies, and on one of them, there is also a broken CD player and another CD player that works. Then we have a closet with a brown door, full of clothes that we can't wear anymore. And then there's a closet that we don't want to describe.Oooh!" He shudders dramatically. So, what's in this closet that's so scary? "Well, we throw all our dirty socks in there," Taylor confesses. While some guys cover their walls with colorful posters of bands and models, Hanson's bedroom walls are mostly bare. "We just have pictures of ourselves," Zachary jokes. All kidding aside, Isaac tells 'Bop', "We don't really have any posters on the wall. We collect different memorabilia of our band, of us. Just, like banners and things." Beneath those banners is the bunk bed shared by Isaac and Taylor. "Isaac gets the top and I get the one under it," Taylor explains. So, where does Zachary sleep? "I just sleep on the floor," he shrugs. Isaac quickly corrects his brother, explaining that Zachary doesn't mean he spends his nights on a cold, hard floor. Instead, Zachary sleeps in a trundle bed that's low enough to slide under the bunk bed. So, what does this bedroom reveal about Hanson? Well, their collection of band memorabilia probably means that they're sentimental. The closet of dirty socks is a good sign that they're so laid-back and easygoing, they don't worry about washing clothes immediately. And the Legos? Well, we think they show that Isaac, Taylor and Zachary are playful and have tons of creative energy-- which, of course, is just what makes them so special to their fans!

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