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Hanson: MMMBopping Their Way to Fame
by Paul Freeman

Many young pop stars could take a lesson from Hanson. These three brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson, aged 16, 14, and 11 know what's important. Such songs as "MMMBop" have made the boys celebrities. Still, they remember the value of family, friends, and learning.

Here is some of the interview with Hanson from Freezone.

Homeschooling: While promoting their album Middle of Nowhere in Europe, the threesome explored as many sights as possible. "Because we're home schooled, we like to do things that are educational," Isaac says.

He believes that home schooling has been an advantage: "You get to pursue your own interests. In this case, music was part of that."

Musical Roots: The Hansons' mother was a music major in college. Their father worked for an oil drilling company, and the family lived in Trinidad, Ecuador, and Venezuela before settling in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Living in other countries affected the Hansons' musical style.

Taylor explains, "We couldn't understand what people were saying on the radio, so we bought Time/Life records that had all the old songs from the '50s and early '60s on them."

Soon, the three brothers began writing and singing their own songs, which had classic rock and soul sounds. Now they perform for crowds of screaming girls.

Isaac says, "The vibe you get from being on stage is very cool. There is no feeling like it in the world."

Brothers and Friends: The Hansons haven't let sudden success go to their heads. "We still do the chores," Zac points out.

Onstage and off, the Hansons stick together. "I don't think of them as big brothers," Zac says of Isaac and Taylor. "They're my best friends."

Taylor says other friends aren't surprised that Hanson has become a hit. "When our friends think of us, they think of the music. That's part of who we are. They're just excited about how it's taking off."

The brothers enjoy sharing the excitement of their career launch with their three other siblings and parents. Explains Zac, "My parents help us in getting the bookings and packing up the equipment. They encourage us."

Hanson is aware of other brother acts, but they're establishing their own identity. Zac points out, "We're not the Jacksons. We are Hanson."