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A Fan's Review from Paramount's Canada Wonderland

*Psyko Blast at Paramount Canada’s Wonderland on August 16th 1997*

Most of us got there at around 8:45am, people were there even before then! We all had to wait till 9am until they let us in. You could not run to the theater but we HAD to get a good seat because Hanson was going to be there today! We had given the ticket person our tickets; many people were already headed over to the theater! So we ran… well speed walked hen we got close to the theater we started passing people by running along the grass and stuff. We were almost at the front now! When we got to the front gate of the theater there were policemen and other employees directing us on where to sit but everyone just flew by them to get a good seat! The front row was filled but we got 7th row center which was really good! We could see everything! It’s was cool! When we got into the theater and were getting seated there was a mini stage show going on with the YTV PJ’s and other people taking part in the YTV Psyko Blast! There were 3-stage shows and only one was aired. We didn’t mind watching all 3 cause there were these really hot guys called the Psyko Blast dancers! There were three but there was one really hot one that wore purple shorts! And every now and then whenever someone would mention that Hanson was gonna be there everyone SCREAMED and CLAPPED! It’s was pretty amazing at how many people were there! At around 5:30pm Hanson came out on stage to say hello and stuff! They threw some Koosh balls into the audience! We didn’t catch one though but that was okay cause we still got to see them really good! I took a ton of pictures too! They went off stage in about 10 minutes. People would come and mention that Hanson would be they’re soon and that got everyone Hyped! Soon it was 7:20pm!!! We were all excited! Paul and Phil (YTV PJ’s) came out on stage to announce Hanson! Here's what happened during the Hanson concert!

Hanson Script from YTV Psyko Blast at Paramount Canada’s Wonderland 1997!

Paul: Allllriiiight!

Phil: Ohhhh yes, its about that time I think!

Paul: It’s about that time, all right hold on, hold on!

Phil: Hold on!

Paul: Now we're gonna do a question and answer thing little deal where u can interact with them all right! We have Aashna and Exan in the crowd and they’re gonna take some questions, so I think we should bring out the BOYS, here they are!!!

Phil: Ladies and probably not too many gentlemen, all right here they are..

Phil and Paul: HANSON!!!!!!!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac come in through a door on the stage! Zac jumps up, Ike does a peace sign

Taylor: We love you

Taylor: Hey guys how ya doin’?

Ike: You guys rock!

Zac: We’d like to congratulate you guys for reaching…. A hundred and forty decibels!!

Ike: We’d like to congratulate you guys for reaching hundred and forty decibels, all right!

Paul: all right we are gonna take some questions okay so hold on, hold on, hold on!

Isaac, Taylor, Zac, Phil and Paul all go SHHHHH!!

Paul: So we can hear the questions! Let’s go to Aashna in the crowd!

Aashna: Thanks Paul we have Alexandra from Toronto and she’s also a musician, what question would you like to ask Hanson?

Ike: Could you guys be quiet for just on one second we need you guys to be quiet for just one second we are gonna have someone down there ask us a couple of questions soooo lets do it!

Aashna: we have to quiet down

Zac: Please be very, very quiet!

Taylor: You guys we are gonna try and do some thing where you ask a couple of questions!

Taylor: You guys are too LOUD!

Paul: Okay well we’ll just you a couple of questions. So how do you guys enjoy Canada so far?

Isaac, Taylor, Zac: YOU GUYS ROCK!

Taylor: Look at all you guys there’s a ton of you out here, WOW!

Paul: Okay, Okay, so are you guys ready to just kick some jams?

Taylor: That’s what we’re here to do!

Isaac: Just for you guys in a Canada you know we’re ah gonna do stuff you know, so cool!

Paul takes questions from someone in the front row:

Girl in front row: Does Taylor have a girlfriend?

Paul: Taylor they wanna know if Taylor has a girlfriend!?!

Taylor: Guys nobody has a girlfriend, none of us have a girlfriend!

Paul: Okay we’re gonna take another question.

Girl on the Floor: Taylor ah Taylor, umm Taylor will you go out with me?
Paul: Ah you know that Taylor I think you just got asked out on date!

Ike: You know the problem is if we went out on a date with one of you we’d have to go out on a date with all of you guys and that would be kinda hard! But you know what! We may not be able to go out with you guys but you know we love you guys!

Zac: How bout instead of going out on date we just sing for ya!

Ike: How bout instead of going out on a date we just sing for ya, how’s that!?

Paul: The girls over there want to know what your favorite places you have been to besides Canada!

Taylor: Besides Canada, ah guys that’s so heard to say!

Ike: We did have some really incredible experiences though we went to Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, and Australia!

Taylor: Guys of all the places we have been I think you guys are the loudest!!!

Ike: We said you guys… We said you guys reached 140 decibels I think you have gotten to 145 now!!!

Paul: Okay, Okay, wait a sec, wait a sec! I know we have a question over there with Aashna!

Aashna: Okay Alexandra has been waiting patiently, go with!
Alexandra: Hi uh I was wondering what your influences were or what groups you guys listen to now?

Paul: Yeah bands are you guys into now?

Taylor: Okay we are gonna do this quick, pretty much we’ll tell ya guys anything from En Vouge to Aerosmith! Cause they are trying to do this fast!

Paul: Okay Hanson is gonna be back after this! Live, they are gonna play live!

***Goes to break and they play MmmBop*** Everyone: everyone sings the words to


Aashna: Welcome to Kingswood music Theater, We have got a very special presentation with none other than HANSON!!! Here they come!

Everyone: Everyone sings and claps to MmmBop

Zac: This is cool!

Taylor: You guys go

Zac: Listen

Ike: Come on

Zac: You know all the words!

Taylor: Wow you guys can really sing

Taylor: Okay guys they are gonna Que. us in a second so ahh.. You guys will find out then, then you guys can scream.

*Taylor sings Bop, bop, bop into the microphone*

Taylor: Okay we’re gonna ask you guys this a little bit later on, but first how many of you guys have the album, Middle of Nowhere?… WHOA!

Taylor: Okay we are gonna ask you guys that a little bit later on and I want to see single one of you guys raise you hand!

*You can hear Zac testing the Megaphone!*

Aashna: We are live from Kingswood Music Theater and there Hanson on stage now!

Isaac: They are more people in Canada per capita have bought the Hanson record than anywhere else in the country!

Taylor: the World!

Taylor: you Guys ready to hear some music now?

Paul: They need a good formal introduction, Okay this is the formal introduction, the moment you have all been waiting for, Ladies and Gentlemen, Live, HANSON!!!

Taylor: Okay guys now its time to clap!


During the Song Taylor says Come on May times, and he also says clap with us guys!

Ike: You guys rock! yeah!

Taylor: Man

Ike: All right... well

Taylor: You guys having fun so far?

Ike: All right we a lot of you guys have the album so guys probably know this one... Man From Milwaukee!


Taylor: Give it up for Zac Hanson!

Taylor: All right

Ike: All right!

*While Hanson sets up on electric instruments and drums, they go to an interview!*

Taylor: When you are writing music there no one way that you do it, sometimes you jam and then you'll just...

Ike: Sometimes when you jam and you come up with something and you end up playing it for an hour.

Taylor: Yeah

Ike: It's like Jamming on it!

Zac: It's kinda like doing it.

Taylor: That’s what jamming is called

Taylor: yeah you just like jam on it.

Zac: it’s more like we make up a song and record it, that hours and hours of recording

Taylor: I mean like you're gonna look back on this tape and you jammed for 2 hours and nothing came out of it and your like dang! I just recorded 2 hours of nothing!

Ike: Or then you sit down and you actually write a song!

Ike: Either its chop, chop or I got nothing it was stupid, yeah there’s definitely times when you have stupid stuff!

Paul: Let’s wrap things up by letting everyone know how much fun it is in the studio!

Taylor: I think you are definitely your worst critic, as far as the vocals go you wanna make it right, I mean you can't be totally perfect, its about I mean if you did a part it was a little flat but has a lot of gut then you'd probably keep it!

Ike: if it had great vibe.

Paul: that’s cool.

Taylor: I mean you are definitely your worst critic!

Ike: well it’s just you know...

Zac: It depends on who you are and what you do.

Ike: I mean you can't find yourself being too much of a perfectionist because then if you do then it loses all the flavor! And yeah it depends on the song

Taylor: It depends on the song!

*** Back to the concert***

Taylor: here we go, you guys ready to go?

Ike: Here we go!


Taylor: Wow!

Zac: Wow! Wows definitely the word!

Taylor: Okay so you guys sure you're having fun? You're really sure? That definitely sounds like fun! Okay you guys ready?

Ike says to Zac: Zac, where's the love.

Zac: Okay, Ladies and Gentlemen, WHERES THE LOVE!?!

Taylor: Come on put your hands together!

Taylor: Come on clap with us!


(During Where’s the Love:)

Taylor: Zac Hanson on the drums

Taylor: Okay guys sing along, here we go.

(Everyone screams at Isaac's guitar part in the song)

(After the song:)

Zac: You guys are rockin! Anyone hot?