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After we chatted with 16-year-old Isaac, 14-year-old Taylor and 11-year-old Zachary Hanson, the brothers that make up the trio Hanson, they broke out into an a capella version of "MMMBop," their catchy tune from their just-out pop album, Middle of Nowhere. When we asked them how they became such good singers at such a young age, the Tulsa, Oklahoma natives said thet they owe their musical talent to their mom, Diana, and their dad, Walker Hanson. "Our parents did alot of singing and stuff in high school and college," guitarist Isaac tells BOP. "So it's very much in the genes." Aside from inheriting good vocal chords, they also give their parents credit for turning music-making into a family activity. "There was always music in the house," keyboardist Taylor says. "My mom's been singing around the house and listening to alot of music since I can remember. Then I started singing, and Zac started singing, so we became a group. It was a very natural thing because there was always music around." Yet Zac, in the typical little-brother fashion, disagrees. He swears he just joined the band to help his brothers out-because they didn't sound good without him. "Two-part harmony didn't really sound so right, so they needed a third person," Zac jokes. However, that's not how Isaac remembers it: Basically, he and Taylor didn't leave Zac, now the bands animated drummer, a choice. "Zac kinda got stuck," Isaac laughs. However it happened, Hanson couldn't be happier to make music together. And thanks to their parents, there's a bright path ahead of them, coming out of the Middle of Nowhere.